Metamorphosis, an abstract picture

March 12, 2017

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Nature transitional time

Winter is arriving at its end, while Spring is coming back.

During that period outdoors landscapes are changing fastly, and this is the right moment to catch this transition.

Read this little article about the idea of a chaotic photography.

But this period is not really the best time to get nice pictures...

Still life and dull colors

This period is definitely not a good moment to create pictures, well I can't find interesting subjects or themes

Mid-March, we are still in winter, so nature is mostly in its deadly aspect in a way.

No more Winter pictures, let's Spring shine!

But in the same time the ambient global mood of society is in Spring time.

Days are longer, warmer, and in general people are looking for fresh and colorful ideas.

It's a general conscious/unconscious movement where humanity want to push out winter of their life.

In terms of photography publications, it implies to match this mood of course, and so to create joyful pictures.

And the mood in March is no more in sad wintery images!

Nature metamorphosis

The main problem of the season, is that outdoors aren't visually really interesting.

Aesthetic is not at its best for sure!

While buds are growing, dead leaves are still there.

It's quite fascinating to observe it, Nature's rebirth in chaotic world.

Interesting doesn't means visually aesthetic.

I was looking to create something dynamic, presenting Nature metamorphosis, and I found nice colorful Hortensia buds.

Bright green fresh leaves contrasting with the dead flowers from previous season.

Those residual flowers are just textural elements in a light soft grey-brown, well, without any colors.

nature outdoors photographer

Two generations of flowers cohabiting at the same time.

The result is not visually communicative, with a lack of colors, but this picture is more a personal approach for me.

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