Hydrangea flower artistic photography

August 15, 2016

Hydrangea is a beautiful flower, with wonderful textures and colors. An essay to create an artistic portrait of this flower.

Delicate flower photography

A fresh hydrangea flower have delicate pink colors.

The flower is surrounded by lovely green leaves, an interesting contrast.

Photographing flowers is very interesting, even more enthusiastic in my opinion.

It combines gorgeous textures to lovely colors.

For this nature photography, the petals were very young, with a delicate texture and soft colors.

The very green leaves, shiny in a way, constituted a good contrast background with the pink petals.

This particular scene was perfect for a photo session.

A flower kinda-macro photography

It has nothing to compare with a macro photography, and it wasn’t my intention.

I had in my mind to create a frame with different zones.

For this picture the goal was to get the flower in focus, quite sharp, and the rest of the frame blurred, out of focus.

Well, with this hydrangea, the main subject had to be the flower.

I wanted to isolate that pinky flower’s petals from the greeny leaves with a lovely blurred background.

So the result is a group of lonely hydrangea flowers, into a leaves environment.

Hydrangea flower photography

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I’m really happy with this photography and I must admit I like the final image.

It expresses something delicate, but not in a sadness way.

Bright and colorful!

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