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March 09, 2017

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Fragile flower in the wild

Jonquilla, or narcissus are pretty flowers, but difficult to capture on photography.

There shape is elegant, with subtle green yellow tones.

After a long winter it's an appreciable moment to find those flowers, and a bright sensation of renewal in Nature, freshness, and longer days to come.

Faint details under rain

Jonquilla flower have lovely petals, which looks so thin, something transparent.

While those flowers are growing, whereas Spring isn't there, outdoors are still chaotic.

Days aren't that warm, and in March it's raining a lot.

Despite bad weather conditions, and a difficult flower to photography, I appreciate trying to capture images.

A dynamic Bokeh background!

Here is the picture have work on, showing a fragile Narcissus in the wild.

narcissus flower photography

The environment has such terrific colors!

The ground is recovered by dead leaves from a bald cypress, so a wide deep orange area surrounding a group of jonquilla flowers.

Focusing only on one flower, in a kinda macro way, allows me to generate a completely blurred background.

The background of the photography is even insane in my opinion, a total contrast with flower soft colors.

But I appreciate this feeling, a delicate flower on a peaceful rainy day, evolving in a strong dynamic environment, where Nature is changing her outfit for Spring.

You can see my Jonquilla photography on 500px.

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