Abstract waves painting

March 02, 2017

abstract waves painting digital abstract waves painting

A luminescent world

Today is something quite different, as it isn't a photography frame, but a digital painting.

I was looking to create something bright, in a blue ocean thematic with movements and light.

The idea was an abstract ripple, very colorful inspiring joy, and the final result is quite interesting.

For once absolutely not dark!

Clouds or ocean?

The main idea was to paint a deep sky, with bright summer light, as if mind was traveling through a cloudy universe.

That was the plan, and I began painting clouds formations, bright with some blue shadows.

During the process I've selected a light blue, practically turquoise.

This blue was so intense it reminded me a paradise island lost in a huge ocean.

The blue abstract ocean was born, instead of a sky traveling fantasy.

Waves meditation frame

I do like abstract photography or painting, and in my humble personal little work, I want to feel something just by looking at it.

For this painting I was looking for energy, vibrations, something vibrant, but very positive.

A frame that inspires imagination, that produces serenity.

My paint is a wide frame, readable horizontally, from left or right:

ocean abstract fineart

I'm not able to say if the result works that way, if it provides positive vibes, but for my personal view I feel relaxed looking at it, navigating from one side to the other.

I would love to jump into such ocean, or sky!

Blue waves prints

I've uploaded this artwork on the Society6 platform for prints and decoration.

There is framed prints, but not only as you can find mugs, iPhone case, stationary card, and home decoration items.

And I must say that pillow looks nicely psychedelic!

artwok society6 funkyporcupine

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