Nature still life photography

February 16, 2017

Nature still life photography Nature still life photography

How a simple leaf can be so beautiful to look at it. Still life is an interesting subject to photography, whereas in black and white or in color.

Nature morte and simplicity

Nature morte , french for still life.

It’s a difficult discipline and might seems boring to paint or photography, but fortunately Nature will always find a way to bring textures and nice colors.

I’ve found this leaf, and immediately get attracted by it shape, position and color.

I’ve worked on the picture in color, but find it also interesting in black and white, and finally like to invert the black and white.

But the colored version is quite interesting, working to express a dark background that reveals leaf textural details.

Nature morte photography

Have a walk on a forest, and you will find good subjects to capture, with an interesting story to tell.

A natural Jewel

This leaf, completely dry, was in a strange position.

The branch was presenting it, in a very delicate way, as it was a precious object.

This branch is a sort of hand holding a luxurious jewel.

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