Nature beauty through catkins photographies

January 30, 2017

Nature beauty through catkins photographs

Nature’s beauty can be revealed by simple tiny elements. A lonely leaf, a bright flower surrounded by green grass, or even a very simple group of catkins.

That’s the beauty of nature

You just need to get outside to find something poetic to look at.

Even in a huge crowded city, with concrete walls everywhere, Nature will find a path to show a little of herself through a small flower or tree.

During winter there are still outdoor lovely things to observe.

Those tiny elements will allow your imagination to travel to different worlds, and think about positive and amusing stories.

The story of catkins waiting all together

Catkins spend their winter suspended at the extremities of hazel branches.

It’s cold outside, and they just wait Spring to come back, without nothing to do, only to try to warm each others.

Nature photography golden sunset

Nature is alive

Going outdoor for a walk allows me to observe such catkins.

It will never be the same scene, as light will be different and background too.

And finally I’ve found a special scene, perfect to photography, and to imagine a short story.

Nature photography catkins sun

With the help of imagination, it seems that one catkin has decided not to follow the group, not to wait for Spring to come back.

Instead of staying there passively, this catkin tries to touch the bright golden sunlight, and it seems to be extremely difficult!

After all photography is also to tell stories.

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