How I find interest to photography frozen leaves

January 26, 2017

How I find interest to photography frozen leaves

Winter is not the perfect season to photography Nature’s beauty, and it gets worst when weather is particularly cold.

Winter, or Nature frozen in time

Spring is a very delightful season, by far my personal favorite season. Nature wakes up in a huge vibrant and colorful scenario. It’s the curse to colors, in a very short time.

During winter, outdoor photos are less interesting, and the weather isn’t really appealing to get outside to make pictures.

Instead of waiting Spring for months to come back, I’ve convinced myself that Winter can also reveals interesting subjects.

After all, I’ve always considered narrow-minded to be non-creative.

Winter has interesting photography subjects!

That’s right, Winter does have superb minimalist scenes to capture.

For landscape photography, this season can be fantastic with snow, but for minimalist and abstract pictures, it’s tricky.

I just go outside, for a little walk without any project in mind.

When I’m going for such a cold outdoor adventure, I’m not looking for a specific element or scene. I’m just looking at Nature’s creations, letting my imagination interpretating them.

And eventually, I find something interesting, whereas it’s just a branch, or a lonely leaf.

Lonely frozen leaf in winter

Minimalist winter photographs

I have a personal interest to little details, also uncommon scenes, and I’ve realised I find more interests during winter than spring!

Abstract black and white nature photography

I really enjoy taking my time studying a small branch and its background, and imagine what photography I can possibly make.

Despite the emptiness of colors, there are some interesting subjects to work with, and make very specifics moody, sensible, frames.

The only complain I have with winter, well, cold weather is not easy for a photography session.

My hands do not really appreciate manipulating a cold camera, and my gear doesn’t enjoy those fresh conditions…

One thing, when I return home, I carefully take care to warm up my body with a good tea or coffee, and leave camera and lenses on my desk to avoid condensation problems…

I hope I will continue to have inspiration during winter, but for the moment I enjoy finding beautiful frozen leaves with their superb textures.

Minimalist winter nature photography

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