Coffee and camera are all I need

January 28, 2017

Coffee and camera are all I need

For a simple life, good coffee and a DSLR camera are the two things I couldn’t live without, but maybe with other little things…

Less is more, and it’s true

For my daily routine, and to be simply happy, I would only need coffee and my camera, that’s it.

I’m not complicated.

But I must precise that cookies are included with coffee. Only drinking coffee without any cookie won’t be funny. I don’t say I’m Cookie Monster, but in my mind, coffee&cookies is more like an inseparable bundle.

And when I say a camera, which is a DSLR, so it implies lenses… Not a lot, only 3 or 4… Otherwise what’s the point to have a camera without any lens, it would be useless!

To edit photos and share them on social networks, the camera package comes with a laptop, but a small one, just a Lenovo Thinkpad. As my X230 is a tiny, it doesn’t count.

Oh, I must precise that some telescopes are included with the camera-lenses-bundle, otherwise no Moon photographs, but it’s still within the camera package.

Oh, I forgot music, but obviously who can live without any music?

As I write a lot, I should include some notebooks and pencils. Computer is good, but I do need to write down ideas on paper, in case laptop’s battery is down.

Also I might include a Nintendo Game Boy to play at Tetris, just to relax a little. That’s practically nothing.

So yes, I can say Coffee and camera are all I need, with there inevitable accessories .

Wait a minute, coffee is a delicious daily beverage, but when night arrives, a beer might be better. Plus caffeine doesn’t help for a good sleep. Ok, beer is complementary to coffee.

Funky and not complicated

So yes, definitely Coffee and Camera are all I need, with the few supplementary explanations.

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