Attempting to create a minimalist photography

January 31, 2017

Attempting to create a minimalist photography

A simple behind the scene post, and mostly how I’m making a minimalist photography with a simple and delicate nature object.

Some lights, a table, and a grey background

This is very a basic installation to photography a lovely tree cone, but this cone is extremely particular.

A cone from a giant Sequoia

Giant Sequoia trees are extraordinary, a fantastic tree specimen in my opinion that needs to be preserved.

Their colors with a reddish wood and delicate green leaves are a real pleasure for me. This tree is truly spectacular and just touching is smooth bark, like a sponge, is a joyful and peaceful moment, a true connection with the tree.

I’m lucky to have one in my garden, and everyday I take time to admire this centennial big boy.

Its cones are very elegant, and not that easy to find.

And a special cone has been discovered still attached to a slight branch. A beautiful natural decorative object, and a good subject for a minimalist photography.

A neutral background to express Sequoia’s elegance

The question is how to photography a Sequoia’s cone?

It’s a sort of unique tree, so the cone must be the own subject, nothing else around. Plus the branch gives a wonderful movement.

A grey canvas will be a good background for a minimalist picture.

For this Ikea is a nice photography gear provider!

This grey canvas is in fact an Ikea curtain, perfect for a nice background!

The final picture is not yet finished, but it was mainly to share the idea behind this work.

And also because it’s not necessary to have lots of equipments. Just an outdoor table with a curtain and some lights, and here we go, ready to create something.

For now I have no idea if it will good or bad.

I only know that I will have to work a little harder on it if I want a good looking result… to be good enough this majestic tree.

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