Into the night, dark atmosphere

November 06, 2016

Cold winter nights are good moments to find inspiration.

The light is very special, faint and subtle. As the atmosphere is humid, the last rays of light are sometimes creating strange atmosphere.

Scary silhouettes in the dark.

During a winter night, strange and scary shapes can be revealed by a faint light.

Some trees have lost their headdress, revealing particular long shapes. Branches without their leaves are definitely intriguing during winter. Such trees get a strong personality, with scary monster’s fingers.

I appreciate this season. Everything is more serene, calm. Nature is sleeping, most of the humans too, and it’s possible to find interesting subjects to photography.

A dark branch silhouette.

A walnut tree has a very original shape.

An old one will have cursive branches, definitely not straight!

That was my subject for this dark and abstract theme picture.

Abstract night photography

Every little extensions of the branch seem to point to a different zone.

A faint light enlightened as possible the walnut’s branch, but despite this, the branch can’t find any path, except into darkness.

And also, darkness aren’t necessary deep black.

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