Autumnal mood with golden photos

November 10, 2016

Autumnal mood with golden photos

Autumn is a lovely season. Temperatures are just perfect to chill out outside, and the sun appears to enjoy to continue warming up the days.

And what about Nature. The more we got deeper in autumn, the more mother Nature offers a spectacular spectacle.

This is simply the golden season, and it’s a real pleasure to capture on photography its essential mood.

Autumn is such a rich season for creative frames

I have a real pleasure to get outside during this season.

Wildlife is pretty active. Birds are singing everywhere ; maybe they appreciate the yellow/orange environment.

Squirrels are also really busy. They need to run in need of nuts. They simply don’t have time to relax and observe the beauty on the trees, and they sure prefer run after intruders…

Squirrel chilling photography Funkyporcupine

Definitely this season is a particular enjoyable moment.

Falling leaves, with contrast between light and shadows

During autumn I appreciate catching some interesting textures.

Delicate leaf autumn photography Funky Porcupine

A simple leaf, fallen from an old maple tree, with a backlight natural sunlight.

In this photography, the light enlightened a blurred background. Bokeh creates interesting sunlight circles, contrasting with a dark tree.

The sunlight was quite on a good side, I’ve just to lie on the ground to snap it.

I didn’t move nor place anything. The leaf was in such lovely position, with a back light revealing its textural details.

Autumn photos with contrast and energy

Autumnal abstract photography funkyporcupine

This is an other photography I’ve created this year.

I wanted something revealing the duality between warm light, and fall of nature.

Autumn changes are extremely fast. With this picture I tried to express this strong energy.

Leaves have gorgeous orange and reddish colors, while the background seems in fire, with a strong darkness mood. I’m pretty happy with the result I must admit.

I really do enjoy autumn, I’m only frustrated that 2016 season was very short.

See you next year golden atmospheres.

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