Clouds, a travel between light and darkness

September 18, 2016

I love to photography cloud textural details. It has a magic in it. And in black and white big dark clouds are very powerful.

Photographing clouds brings powerful feelings

Taking pictures of clouds is something quite new for me.

By default, when the weather is definitely ugly, you might consider staying at home.

After all, clouds are clouds! All they do is keeping us from a warm sunshine with deep blue sky, and masking night skies beauties.

So a cloudy sky is sometimes very undesirable. Who want a BBQ with clouds, nobody!

As an amateur astronomer, I must admit that I’ve never been a big fan of cloudy night skies. How many eclipses or comets did I missed because of some big dark clouds, too many!

Nevertheless I must admit I’ve always loved autumnal rainy days. Those cloudy days are so melancholic with such a fantastic peaceful atmosphere!

So I couldn’t have been categorised as “cloud lover”, maybe “seasonal-moody-cloud-amateurish”, until recently.

With clouds, I see textures, shadows and infinite drama.

A large cloudy landscape view is fantastic. It had a particular atmosphere to the scene, with a specific light.

But I’ve been recently attracted to photography some detailed parts of clouds.

Clouds have fantastic textures. The light going through those masses creates gorgeous shadows.

Here are few pictures I’ve recently created.

B&W frame of Light into Cloud.

Black and white cloud light

With this picture, I’ve worked from the start on a black and white frame.

It provides particular feelings with all those dark shadows and bright lights coming thought.

This photo was a very interesting subject to me.

Golden light with cloud waves.

Golden light cloud photography

With a lovely golden light, I’ve preferred to create a warm colored frame, with a little something dramatic.

The light is very powerful, very bright, hurting the cloud’s texture which reminds a huge wave.

A very dynamic picture I thing.

A dynamic cloudy sky.

Cloud sunlight landscape

During a beginning sunset, the very bright sunlight revealed the massive energy of this cloudy sky.

Lots of shadows, and lots of colors.

Cloud photography is much more than grey sky.

Clouds are fantastic, not for summer outdoor parties, but in terms of photography I must say I’m a cloud enthusiast.

Bright light, dark matters, dramatic moody atmosphere, clouds are simply perfect to work on.

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