Wild flower nature photography

July 27, 2016

Fresh nature photography, with a solitary wild flower. A colorful picture contrasting between pink and green.

Delicate flower in a dreamy frame

A lonely pink wild flower, with a nice summer sunlight, delicately lightning the area.

This is a nice scene to create a dreamy photography with a short detph of field.

Lying on the grass, to be on the same level of the flower, is a strange position.

Sunlight natural camouflage

The view was interesting, in my opinion, to compose a relatively nice frame.

The sunlight was not too warm, and the pink flower seemed fresh, very delicate.

My idea was to capture the global scene, a soft yellow tint sunlight, with just a big pink dot emerging from this particular natural atmosphere.

This flower does not have the perfect camouflage.

A natural frame embracing the Sun

This vibrant flower, with lovely pink petals, contrasts well, I think, with the greeny-yellow grass.

The photography is in a true summer mood.

Warm and colorful, bright and delicate, a simple fresh photography to celebrate natural summer.

Wild flower photography

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