Cloud photography. Or magical hat in the sky?

July 28, 2016

With a cloudy sky, there is something to look at, and sometimes, a strange cloud appears, letting imagination free to interprate its shape.

Looking at the sky, to discover a lovely cloud formation

Observing clouds is a very interesting pause, letting mind creates some imaginary story.


While looking up in a summer day, you might see a lonely cloud formation, crusing in a deep blue sky.

Sometimes you might catch a special shape, reminding a particular item, or animal.

A wizard's hat flying in the sky.

Late July, hot weather with blue sky, just few clouds traveling peacefuly from west to east.

While just thinking to resolve some projects, a particular cloud appears through my window.

A big hat shape was floating in the air, slightly moving, very slowly, as if time wasn't important.

Of course I couldn't miss this beauty, catch one camera, and snap some shots.

And after some work here is my frame of this poetic cloud.

Blue sky cloud photography

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Does this photography reminds you something?

For me it was a big hat, not a standard one, something from a wizard.

The particular shape was immediately appealing for me.

It reminds me the famous hat from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter story, as on the first movie.

Looking up to the sky reveals interesting short stories, don't you think?

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