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Metamorphosis, an abstract picture

March 12, 2017

nature photography abstract abstract photographer outdoor bokeh

Nature transitional time

Winter is arriving at its end, while Spring is coming back.

During that period outdoors landscapes are changing fastly, and this is the right moment to catch this transition.

Read this little article about the idea of a chaotic photography.

But this period is not really the best time to get nice pictures...

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Dynamic Jonquilla flower photography

March 09, 2017

outdoors flower photography outdoors flower photography

Fragile flower in the wild

Jonquilla, or narcissus are pretty flowers, but difficult to capture on photography.

There shape is elegant, with subtle green yellow tones.

After a long winter it's an appreciable moment to find those flowers, and a bright sensation of renewal in Nature, freshness, and longer days to come.

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Abstract waves painting

March 02, 2017

abstract waves painting digital abstract waves painting

A luminescent world

Today is something quite different, as it isn't a photography frame, but a digital painting.

I was looking to create something bright, in a blue ocean thematic with movements and light.

The idea was an abstract ripple, very colorful inspiring joy, and the final result is quite interesting.

For once absolutely not dark!

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Nature still life photography

February 16, 2017

Nature still life photography Nature still life photography

How a simple leaf can be so beautiful to look at it. Still life is an interesting subject to photography, whereas in black and white or in color.

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Mountain feels good illustration

February 02, 2017

Mountain feels good illustration

I’ve worked on a simple drawing project to create a mountain poster. Finaly I’ve ended with different versions.

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Attempting to create a minimalist photography

January 31, 2017

Attempting to create a minimalist photography

A simple behind the scene post, and mostly how I’m making a minimalist photography with a simple and delicate nature object.

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